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Terrance, Boys and Girls Club Member

“My ski experience has been amazing. These last two years have been filled with great learning experiences that I can’t wait to use later in life. Thanks for all you did!!”


LaParis, Boys and Girls Club Member

“Thank you so much for my skiing experience. I’ve had so much fun over the past two years. My favorite parts are the mentors, the slopes, the cookies, and the dinner. I also loved how much everyone loved and cared for us. I had an amazing experience and a lot of fun.”


Ne’Veah, Boys and Girls Club Member

“Seeing that this was my second year, I can proudly say I am a skier. When I get older, I definitely want to continue to ski. Thank you for the experience.”

Additional Testimonials


“When you set out to start this program, I’m not sure you understood the impact it would have on these kids. This is a life experience that may lead to job opportunities, confidence, to ask someone out on a date, lifelong physical fitness, or even being capable of fighting off seasonal depression. These kids cannot comprehend the impact you have or will make in their lives. Do not be deterred by their lack of or showing appreciation. There will come a point in their lives where they will fully realize the gift you’ve given them and just imagine all of the lives you enhanced when they pay it forward. Thank you for your incredible generosity and hospitality.”

-Dan from Big Brothers Big Sisters


“We know you work hard, but you make it look effortless, we want to thank you on behalf of our members, families, and our team.”

-Davis Team of Boys and Girls Club


“This is my first time skiing, and I had an outstanding time.”

-TJ, Boys and Girls Club Member


“Thank you for the ski tips. I had so much fun while I was there.”

-Hailey, Big Brothers Big Sisters Member


“Thank you for the ski fun. We love you.”

-Jaleeyah, Boys and Girls Club Member


“Thank you for the skiing experience.”

-Shevayah, Boys and Girls Club Member


Thank you for the ski trips, I had a fun time. Also, I love the food and letting us keep all the ski gear.”

-Dallon, Boys and Girls Club Member


“Thank you for giving me a chance to ski and giving me lessons.”

-Brody, Big Brothers Big Sisters Member

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